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Tenant FAQ's

What is a single family home? What is a multi-family home?

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A single family home is a house. It is a single unit with no units attached.A multi-family home is an apartment. These units are attached to another or many other units.

When can I see the unit I am interested in? How do I set up an appointment? Do I meet at the unit or at the office?

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Showings will be done Monday through Friday between the hours of 2pm and 5pm. If a unit is available now as specified on the flyer or on our listings page on our website it can be viewed during these times. Call our office at 406-723-1219, or come by 78 East Park Street in Butte to schedule an appointment. You will need to meet at our office for the appointment. It is important that you are on time for these appointments.

Has anyone else applied for the unit I am interested? Can you hold the unit for me? Can I send a check for deposit or rent to hold the unit?

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Units are on a first come first serve basis. It is possible that someone can get approved for a unit before you do. It is best to pick more than one unit that you may be interested (if possible) in to have the best chance of getting one of them. We cannot hold a unit for anyone, no exceptions.

Do you have any furnished units? How can I tell if it is a furnished unit? What is included?

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We do manage a multiple of furnished units. It will be noted on the flyer or on the unit information page on our website at It will say furnished or unfurnished. These units do vary in what is included, so refer to the flyer or website. The photos of the unit will help you see what kind of furnishings are in the unit, however items may have been removed or added since the photos were taken.

Do you have any photos of the unit? When will they be available?

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If there are not photos on the flyer or website they are generally in the process of being taken and/or posted. This process usually takes some time to complete and photos will be available as soon as possible so keep checking back.

What are the utility costs?

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The most accurate information regarding utility costs comes from our local power company, North Western Energy. Contact Northwestern Energy’s customer service department (888) 467-2669 and give a customer service representative the address of the unit(s) you are interested in. They will be able to provide you with an estimate of energy use costs based on the past two years of usage history. You can also access their online home energy calculator

Are utilities and other services included in the rent?

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Properties vary; consult the Silver Bow Property Management sales flyer or the unit information page on our website at for the specific property you are interested in to determine what, if any, utilities are included in rent. Garbage collection and sewer fees are assessed in Butte-Silver Bow County property taxes and are automatically included in your rent.

What type of heat does the unit have?

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Properties vary; consult the Silver Bow Property Management sales flyer or the unit information page on our website at for the specific property you are interested in to determine how the unit is heated.

How long is the term of the lease?

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The term of the lease can vary based on the property; consult the Silver Bow Property Management sales flyer for the specific property you are interested in to determine the length of the lease. The typical lease has a minimum term of one year.

How does month-to-month leasing work?

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Occasionally a Tenant requires a short term housing solution. For units not specifically setup as month-to-month, the Tenant must pay a one time leasing fee of $185 and double the amount of the listed rent.

Do you allow pets? Pet fees and deposits? Where do I find how many and what pets are allowed on the website? Can exceptions be made?

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Allowance of pets can vary based on the property; although many properties under our management permit pets. Consult the Silver Bow Property Management sales flyer for the specific property you are interested in to determine if and what types of pets are permissible for that property. There is an additional $350 depositand an additional monthly pet rent of $35 per pet, and you must have proof of renters insurance covering the pet(s) before your contract signing date. The pet qualifications for each unit are found in the far right hand column of the property listings page under “max pets” and on each unit information page on our website.These qualifications are firm and NO exceptions can be made.

Is there an application? How many do I need? Is there a fee? How do I get one?

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Yes there is an application and an application fee of $20 per application.

All persons residing in the unit over 18 years of age must apply and fill out their own individual application.

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The application can be picked up at our office at 78 East Park Street, Butte, Montana 59701.

The application can be mailed or faxed to you. Contact the office with your request at 406.723.1219

The application can be emailed to you. Contact the office with your request or the application can be found online

How long does the application process take?

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Silver Bow Property Management tries hard to process applications within 24 hours. Fortunately, the most common delays in application processing are within the applicant’s control. The most common delays are incomplete applications, incomplete submission of documents, failure to provide thorough contact information for references and the time it takes for references to return solicitations. These delays can be easily avoided by providing complete information, all requested documents and encouraging a prompt response from your references.

How much money do I need to make?

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Applicants need to have documented proof of income for 3 times the rent amount either collectively or individually, depending on how the applicant(s) have chosen to apply. Examples of income are wages, SSI, disability, child support, or any other income. Or applicants will need to show documented proof of financial reserves in the amount of the term of the desired lease. Any applicants not able to show documented proof of ability to pay will be required to provide a 3rd party guarantee.

My tub/shower  faucet leaks. What do I do?

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Antique fixtures will sometimes drip for up to a minute after you turn them off. when you turn the knobs do it gently until you feel they are closed and then wait a minute for them to stop. If they continue to leak then contact the maintenance department at 406-723-1219 ext 2. DO NOT try to twist the knob tighter to solve the problem. It does not seal the valve any better and will eventually damage the fixture.

Why are references required?

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Employer, landlord, and personal references, along with credit checks are made to guarantee the applicant is financially responsible and has the means to pay the rent. If this is a joint tenancy these references will help to ensure that all applicants are suitable tenants

I’ve never rented before and have no rental references.

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If you have never rented before or cannot provide rental references, a 3rd party guarantee will be required. If you have never rented because you own your own home you may submit proof of ownership such as a mortgage statement. In this event, a 3rd party guarantee will not be necessary.

What is the 3rd party guarantee for? When would I need one? Does everyone applying need one? What if my third party guarantor does not want to give their personal or financial information?

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The third party guarantee is for those applicants who cannot provide rental references or proof of ability to pay the rent for the unit they are applying for (3 times the rent either collectively or individually). The 3rd party must qualify all of the applicants for the entire contract value. The 3rd party application must be filled out completely. The 3rd party guarantor may black out any account numbers or personal information on their personal documents they do not wish to have known, but since they are helping you qualify financially and we will need proof of their income.

Who takes care of the yard?

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This depends on the unit. Silver Bow Property Management will handle the lawn mowing and pruning; on all Multifamily properties. However, the Tenant is required to keep the yard free of trash, debris, pet wastes, lawn furniture, and toys. Single family homes depend on the unit also, consult the property listings to determine yard upkeep responsibilities.

Who takes care of the snow removal?

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If this is a multi-occupancy property, Silver Bow Property Management will be responsible for snow removal. If this is a single family home, the Tenant is responsible for the snow removal.

Do I actually have to get the carpets professionally cleaned? Can I just use my own or rented equipment to clean them?

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We require all tenants to have their carpets professionally cleaned at move out. We will need a receipt from the company that did them as proof they were done. You may not do them yourself for any reason.

What other properties do you have available or coming available?

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All of our available and soon to be available listings are on our website This is the master list and this list is constantly changing. Check back frequently.

Do you have washer/dryer hookups? Do you rent washers and dryers?

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Properties vary; consult the Silver Bow Property Management sales flyer for the specific property you are interested in to determine if washer and dryer hookups are available. Silver Bow Property Management also rents washers and dryer sets. The cost is $39/mo and a onetime refundable deposit of $65.00 for the set.

Are security deposits refundable? When can I expect to receive it? Why is the amount of the security different than what was paid? Who do I contact if the amount is incorrect?

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In the state of Montana, for residential leases, there is no such thing as a non-refundable deposit. If the property is returned in like or better condition and there are no unpaid rents or utilities, the Tenant is entitled to a refund of their full security deposit. In such case, Silver Bow Property Management has 10 days to do so. If there are any unpaid rents, damages or utilities, then Silver Bow Property Management has 30 days to return the remainder of the unused deposit. These deductions will make the amount of your deposit returned different from what you receive back. You will receive a Tenant Ledger and Deposit Disposition for what was deducted from the security deposit with the check. If after receiving a Tenant Ledger and Deposit Disposition you feel the amount is not correct please contact us so we may complete an audit on your account and any moneys being owed will be reimbursed.

Can you work with me on the deposit?

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No. Silver Bow Property Management will not work with anyone on the deposits;no exceptions. Deposit and one full month’s rent must be paid before the Tenant can take possession of the unit.

Is this a nice neighborhood?

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For insurance, Legal and liability reasons Silver Bow Property Management and its staff cannot state opinions, thoughts or feelings on a specific neighborhood.

What school district is the unit in?

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You can find out this information by going to

What if I am a felon, who is on parole or probation, has recently completed parole or probation, or has recently been released from a correctional institution?

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Silver Bow Property Management does not accept any felons who have been out of a correctional institution or off supervision for less than 24 months. This includes half-way houses, or other such reintegration programs. Silver Bow Property Management will terminate a lease if a fraudulent application is uncovered after approval.

What if I am a sexual offender?

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Silver Bow Property Management does not accept any sex offenders and will terminate a lease if a fraudulent application is uncovered after approval.

Do you accept Section 8 or payments from other public housing assistance programs?

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Silver Bow Property Management does accept public housing support program checks, but only on selected units. Consult our website for listings and section 8 availability.

Do I need Renters Insurance? Who needs to be covered?

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Yes. All tenants and pets that are going to occupy the unit need to be covered under a renter’s insurance policy. You must have a Certificate of Insurance at the time of signing your residential rental contract. The items that need to be included in the policy are as follows:

List of Requirements

1. Policy must include all tenants of the unit and any pets

2. Personal property : Coverage of your choosing

3. Loss of use : $3000.00 minimum coverage

4. Personal Liability : $300,000.00 minimum coverage

5. Medical : $1000.00 minimum coverage

6. If pets : Documentation must prove coverage for all named pets

7. Certificate of Insurance naming Silver Bow Property Management LLC, 78 East Park Street Butte, Mt.

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